Dementia Community Roadshow

Dementia Community Roadshow

Do you have questions about dementia?

The Dementia Community Roadshow has been touring since June 2011, providing members of the public with information, advice and support about dementia. So far, we've reached over 158,000 people across England, Wales and Northern Ireland (Alzheimer's Scotland manages their own services).

You can visit our roadshow to get free, tailored, and confidential advice from local trained Alzheimer's Society staff, whether you're worried about your memory or that of a loved one, or if you live or care for someone with dementia.

At the Roadshow we have:

  • Free publications
  • Trained Alzheimer's Society staff and volunteers 
  • Information if you are worried about your memory
  • Local service information to provide assistance in your area

The Roadshow consists of two vehicles and one indoor stand and we are on tour 42 weeks of the year. Our upcoming events can be seen on our interactive map.

Roadshow Special Events 2016

We’ll be driving into major agricultural shows and air festivals with our Roadshow vehicle and pitching up our gazebo everywhere from Camp Bestival to Leicester Caribbean Carnival.

London Pride

For more information, or to request the Roadshow in your area email, and we will do our best to accommodate.

We schedule the events by taking into consideration distances, diagnosis rates, staff support and location requests. At times, we are limited by the size of the vehicle as certain locations cannot accommodate us. However, we make every effort to ensure the Roadshow covers as wide an area as possible.

To find out when the roadshow will be in your area, take a look at the map below (please note the dates in the map refer to 2016.)