Living with dementia - video transcripts

Living alone with dementia at 92 - remaining independent with Alzheimer's disease

Rose: Well I do my tai chi every day- to keep myself supple.

Sue: Rose has been on her own since my father died, and that was 30 years ago, and she's done alright, really.

On screen: Rose is doing tai chi moves in her living room, talking to Sue.

Rose: I can't remember anymore.

Sue: Ah, you've done it, well that's good Rose.

Rose: OK.

Sue: Good.

On screen: Rose sits in her living room talking to the interviewer off camera.

Rose: Oh I like living here because I can look out of the window, see what's happening outside, you know.

On screen: Rose sits facing the window in her living room, reading the paper.

Rose: This is the living room and I live in it. I mean other people keep it as the best room and live in the kitchen.

On screen: Rose stands on her balcony, looking outside.

Rose: I sit out on the balcony, I got a chair out there. There's plenty to see from here.  I can see what's happening in the street, and it's handy for people to come to visit me.

On screen: Sue sits in Rose's living room talking to the interviewer off camera.

Sue: With the right support you can live for an awful long time on your own, but you do need that support, and I think Rose is really lucky living in Tower Hamlets where that support is available. I have multiple sclerosis and I'm just coming out of a very bad relapse. Now as I'm getting older, and I'm becoming more disabled myself, I'm unable to take such a caring position as I used to.

On screen: Elizabeth stands to the side of Rose's chair talking to her.

Elizabeth: I normally wash her in the morning, or give her a shower, prepare her breakfast, then give her her tablets. Morning tablets, afternoon tablets and night tablets - so I come here three times in a day.

On screen: Rose sits in her living room.

Rose: Well I've got good neighbours haven't I, Sue. People live opposite always after me, look after, keep an eye on me, you know what I mean.

On screen: Sue sits in Rose's living room talking to the interviewer off camera. Rose sits in her chair drawing a figure with a pencil. Images of Rose's fashion drawings.

Sue: Went to the day care centre last week, and we were sitting in another room, myself and the other people there discussing Rose's situation, and we could hear Rose's voice in the next room, taking control of the discussion they were having, which was about current events and things like that.

Rose: Oh yes I do like going out, and meeting other people. Well every opportunity I do anyway. In fact that was my job. I was a fashion artist.  Yeah I went to St Martins School of Art.

On screen: Rose and Sue discuss and do a crossword together.

Rose: Well I sit and I can do the crossword in the paper. It makes me feel good that I managed it anyway. And I look at the television, read me book, have a lay down in the afternoon.

On screen: Rose looking at her notepad.

Rose: We write down every day what I'm supposed to be doing, because I can't remember. Tomorrow I'm going to the daycare centre, and on Wednesday I'm going to the memory group, I've got to have lunch before I go.

Sue: Rose could live here, she could be over a hundred I think she possibly, what worries me, she could really outlive me.

On screen: Rose looks into the camera and laughs.

Rose: I manage ok. I like it here.

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