Partnering with eargym to care for the hearing of people with dementia

Alzheimer’s Society is working with eargym through our Accelerator Programme to support people affected by dementia care for their hearing before the need for hearing aids.

What is eargym?

eargym is a digital hearing fitness platform offering fun and immersive hearing training games, which are designed to challenge and strengthen your hearing skills.

It also stimulates key cognitive skills linked to listening and gaming like attention, memory and strategic reasoning.

Artwork showing the eargym app along with the message 'Empowering people with the tools to take control of their hearing health'

eargym is available to download from the App Store (iPhone/iOS users) and Google Play Store (Android users)

Why is eargym important for people with dementia?

In 2017, the Lancet Commission on Dementia brought together critical evidence linking mid-life hearing loss to dementia, highlighting the fact that it’s the biggest amenable factor in 9% of all types of dementia. 

eargym learnt that hearing loss has a massive £25billion economic impact annually in the UK caused by lost productivity and early retirement. Hearing loss starts to impact us negatively much earlier than people often tend to realise or admit, and employees with hearing loss tend to retire seven to nine years earlier than their hearing counterparts.

Who created eargym?

eargym’s two founders have experience of hearing loss.

They can align their lived experience with the growing and ageing population globally. As there are very few options available currently for proactive approaches to hearing health, they developed eargym.

Amanda Philpott, eargym co-founder and CEO, said:

‘A big part of what drives eargym is to build a product that can collect vital data about the correlation between hearing loss, social isolation, mild cognitive impairment and dementia.

'This collaboration with Alzheimer’s Society is very important as it brings with it access to the support and advice of people who really understand what it’s like to live with dementia. Thank you for working with us.’

When will eargym be available?

eargym's first product to market will be launched at the beginning of October 2022.

Alzheimer's Society will be supporting eargym through our Accelerator Programme to involve people affected by dementia. They will be shaping and influencing the development of the product through four product design cycles via their user-led design panel.

Learn more about eargym

Find out more about eargym by visiting their website.

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