Research news in brief: Autumn 2018

From the Autumn 2018 issue of Care and cure magazine, we take a look at some bite-sized news stories from dementia research.

Lost birdsong

a singing blackbird

A Society-funded study has provided evidence that memory of sounds is stored differently from visual or verbal memory.

They showed that an avid bird watcher with dementia held on to memories of bird features, feathers and human faces and voice but misplaced memory of birdsong.

This helps us to understand why some types of memories are lost before others.

This research was undertaken as part of a wider research project by Professor Jason Warren and his colleagues at UCL.

Fizzy factors

Brightly coloured fizzy drinks

A recent study of 2,888 people suggested that drinking artificially sweetened fizzy drinks increases the risk of stroke and dementia.

People who drank sugar-sweetened drinks had less direct risk of stroke and dementia, but were more likely to have diabetes or be obese – which can also increase dementia risk.

Alzheimer's Society annual research review

The cover image of Alzheimer's Society Annual Report 2017 - 2018

Our annual research review is now available to view online. Check it out if you would like to learn more about the research that the Society has funded in the past year. 

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