Metro Bank launches charity partnership with Alzheimer's Society

Metro Bank will be funding a research project that will identify a new drug target for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

We are delighted to announce that Metro Bank have launched their charity partnership with Alzheimer’s Society!  From employee fundraising to giving customers the chance to donate loose change on magic money coin counting machines, we look forward to them uniting with us against dementia.

Metro Bank CEO, Craig Donaldson has commented on the company’s fantastic support:

'Given the prevalence of Alzheimer’s, with more than half a million people in the UK affected by the disease, most of us know someone, whether it’s a relative or friend impacted.

'We’re pleased to be partnering with Alzheimer’s Society, who are creating a lasting change for people affected by dementia, and playing our role in uniting against dementia. The money we raise will fund more research and take us one step closer to finding a cure.'

Alzheimer’s Society CEO, Jeremy Hughes has also highlighted the importance of the partnership, stating

‘I am delighted that Metro Bank has decided to unite against dementia and support Alzheimer’s Society as their charity partner. With this incredible commitment, Metro Bank will make an instrumental difference by funding research, transforming the landscape of dementia forever.

'Thank you for such a fantastic opportunity to make the world a better place for people affected by dementia.’

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