Helpcards to support people with memory problems or dementia

Helpcards are for people with dementia or memory problems. They can make it easier for the person to get support when they’re out in the community.

Variations of the helpcards labelled for people with dementia or memory problems

What are helpcards?

Helpcards are a free tool for people who have memory problems and people who are living with dementia. They are the size of a credit card. The person can write their name and what they need support with on the card. They can also include an emergency contact number. 

What are helpcards for?

A person living with dementia or memory problems may need help when they're out in the community. They can carry a helpcard around with them and can show it to someone if they need support with daily activities. The helpcards are a great tool to help people maintain their independence.

How should the helpcard be used?

This is up to the person to decide.

Some people like to carry the card around with them discreetly, in a pocket or in their wallet. They can then choose to show it to people if they feel comfortable doing so. This can allow them to keep doing everyday activities while knowing that they can ask for support if they need it.

Others prefer to wear their helpcard on a lanyard, so that it's visible to people around them. This can help the person to get support from others without having to ask or explain themselves.

Which helpcard should I order?

There are two different types of helpcard.

Double sided

  • I have memory problems (1564)

This helpcard is double-sided. On the front, it includes a box for people to record what they might need help with. On the back, there is space to write down the details of someone who can be contacted in an emergency. 


  • I have memory problems (1561)
  • I have dementia (1562)
  • I have Alzheimer's (1563)

These helpcards fold out. There are three different wordings on the front, so people can choose the card that they feel is most appropriate. There's also a box for the person to record what they might need help with.

On the inside, there is room to note down extra information, such as details about particular medical conditions. There is also space to include two emergency contacts. 

The fold-out helpcards can be useful for people who want to include more information on their card. 

Can I order more than one helpcard?

Yes. You can pick whichever helpcard feels most appropriate, or order a copy of each using our online order form

Do the helpcards come with lanyards and card holders?

No. If you want to wear the card on a lanyard, a sunflower lanyard could be a good option. You may be able to get one of these for free from a supermarket or train station. You can also buy them from the Hidden Disabilities store

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