Carer's eligibility criteria

Here we summarise the three main criteria that a carer must meet to be eligible for funded support.

What criteria must be met to receive funded support?

  1. The carer’s needs arise due to providing necessary care.
  2. The effect of the carer’s needs result in either: the carer’s physical or mental health deteriorating (or being at risk of deteriorating); the carer is unable to achieve any of the following without assistance or where this causes pain, distress and anxiety; or they are putting themselves or others in danger:
    • carry out caring responsibilities the carer has for a child
    • provide care to other persons they provide care to
    • maintain a habitual home environment – be able to keep their home safe and in an appropriate way to live and have essential amenities such as gas and water
    • manage and maintain their own nutrition – have time to go shopping and prepare meals for themselves and their family
    • develop and maintain family or other significant relationships
    • engage in work, training, education or volunteering – be able to continue in their job or get a job. If not, be able to partake in education or volunteering (if they wish)
    • make use of necessary facilities or services in the local community – have the opportunity to use local services, such as going to the gym or swimming pool
    • engage in recreational activities – have leisure time, for example some free time to read a book, or engage in a hobby.
  3. Due to the effect of the above there is, or is likely to be, a significant impact on the carer’s wellbeing.
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