Why should you use Dementia Support Forum?

Join Dementia Support Forum, our online community, to share experiences with other people also affected by dementia.

Dementia can be a worrying and confusing condition, and we understand it can be hard to cope with the challenges it brings. But you are not alone.

Whether you join an existing discussion or ask your own question, Dementia Support Forum is an online community where members can provide you with vital support and guidance.

Whatever you’re going through, whether it’s legal issues or practical everyday care, you are free to give as much or as little detail as you like, and can stay anonymous if you wish.

Hear from our Dementia Support Forum members 

Martin, carer of his late wife Eileen, who was diagnosed with dementia with Lewy bodies.

‘When facing a difficult illness, peer support is considered to be essential. Dementia Support Forum provides peer support and so much more. Becoming a member allows you to help others and to receive help in a non-judgmental environment.’ ‘Since Eileen's death I have carried on posting, mainly to help other members. I'd also like to repay the community by sharing the knowledge that I gained from Dementia Support Forum in the early years.’ 

Eileen eating dinner

Jan, carer to her late husband who had dementia.

‘There is something unique about Dementia Support Forum - the members are so understanding of other people's situations. That empathy is remarkable when dealing with an otherwise isolating disease.’

‘If anyone is unsure about using Dementia Support Forum, I suggest they join and spend some time browsing around the various sections and get the feel of how people relate to one other. If you have a burning question or need to share anything about your own situation, just do it and be amazed at how members respond.’ 

David and Jan, Talking Point users

Sarah, who has been diagnosed with vascular dementia. 

‘The great thing about Dementia Support Forum is that you can share how you are feeling and there will always someone who can identify with you. It's a great place to rant and let out exactly what is bothering you, without the fear of being rejected or judged. It's somewhere to give and to take and you can benefit from a wealth of personal experience.’ 

‘The Tea Room is a very positive part of the forum that is only accessible to members. Laughs abound, and personal tales are told, jokes and photos and poems are shared.’

‘Dementia Support Forum has helped me no end. Finding someone else who has the same difficulty but is at a different stage in the journey is very reassuring.’ 

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