Getting started with Game Over Dementia

Find out how you can set up your own Game Over Dementia event. We encourage you to do it your way, whether you're a streamer or not, you can help to raise funds for people affected by dementia.

So, you're interested in taking part?

Below is a step-by-step guide to how you can set up your event. We understand everyone is different, so we ask you to take on dementia your way. These steps are aimed at streamers but they apply whether you just want to host a tournament with some friends or host a quiz on Twitch too. 

How to take your gaming challenge to the next level

  1. Sign up and unlock your JustGiving fundraising page.
  2. Choose a date for your challenge. 
  3. Raise awareness of your event. We have sharable resources for social media. 
  4. Host your event and have fun! 

If you're streaming your gameathon and you need a helping hand to get this set up, be sure to check out the JustGiving step-by-step guide, or to find out how to set up your overlay for this!

Need some ideas for your challenge?

  • Load up a gaming tournament for you and your friends and find out who is the MVP and who is the ultimate noob.
  • Host a gameathon and challenge yourself to a continuous stream for 12-24 hours and get your viewers to donate. 
  • Add some challenges or incentives. For example, you could wear fancy dress or eat a hot chili once you reach a certain target. If you're feeling brave you could get your family and friends to send in their ideas.

Got a question or need some help?

Send us an email and we'll be happy to help! Contact us at [email protected]