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Find out how to publicise your fundraising efforts in the media and among friends, helping to raise more money for people affected by dementia.

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Shout about it in the media

From free papers and online news websites, to regional radio and community newsletters - the local media is extremely diverse. It is full of opportunities to publicise your fundraising efforts and raise awareness of the important work of Alzheimer's Society.

Generally a good media story involves a local angle, interesting facts and figures, a human interest story that readers can identify with and a good photo opportunity. Try to include a photograph of yourself in an Alzheimer's Society t-shirt - you can order this using the materials order from from your fundraising pack.

  • Think ahead - Give yourself plenty of time to plan publicity around your fundraising event. Announce the date of your event well in advance. Contact your local radio and TV station and ask for the forward planning desk. Call the picture desk at your local papers to remind them to put it in the diary.
  • Send a press release - Use the sample press release from your fundraising pack or create your own. Publicise your fundraising with a press release before the big day and follow up with one afterwards to announce your success.
  • Be persistent - Don't feel shy about ringing journalists to check they've heard about your event.
  • Word of mouth - Don't underestimate word of mouth. Make sure all your friends and families know about what you are doing and get them to help out in promoting your event. Remember the more people that know about what you are doing the more potential sponsors you have.
  • Use online opportunites - Post your event details on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Does your area have a local 'What's On' website? Try to get your event listed there too. 
  • Be ready on the big day - Be sure to take photographs and use these for a story after the event.

If you require further assistance with media coverage and publicity please contact our Press Office on 020 7423 3595 or email [email protected]

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