Promote your fundraising

Tips and advice on how to spread the word about your fundraising. Inspire your friends, colleagues and local community to support you by sharing your event details, fundraising goals and personal story.

Three Alzheimer's Society fundraisers with balloons and bucket collections

Set up a JustGiving page

Kick start your fundraising by setting up your JustGiving page. You can easily share it with your friends, family and colleagues on social media and email. JustGiving also have some great fundraising advice to help you promote your page.

Top 5 tips for making your JustGiving page a winner

1. Keep it real 

Personalised JustGiving pages raise 60% more, so tell your story, explain why you’re taking on your challenge and how important it is to you. 

2. Set your target

Pages with a target raise a whopping 75% more than pages without one – it’s a no-brainer. 

3. Up your target

As soon as you reach your original target, set a new one. Keep up the smashing work! 

4. Set the bar high

Try and make sure your first donation is a big one, then others are more likely to go large too. 

5. Make it snappy

Post regular updates on your challenge and make sure to add plenty of pics.

Use social media

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, whichever you prefer, social media platforms are excellent tools for promoting your fundraising activity.

Tag Alzheimer's Society in your posts

Unfortunately, we can’t share individual fundraising links from our Alzheimer’s Society social media (we get this request a lot, and it wouldn’t be fair for us to promote a few lucky fundraisers at everyone else’s expense!), but please do tag us in so we can see your post and say a heartfelt thank you. You can find us at @alzheimerssoc on Twitter and @alzheimerssocietyuk on Facebook.

Top 5 tips for promoting your fundraising on social media

1. Make a big first announcement 

Let your friends and followers know the inspiration behind your fundraising and the difference their donation will make. You can use a link to your JustGiving page, a meaningful personal story, photo or video to share the details.

2. Always add a call to action 

It’s important to make it easy for people to support you. Always include a link to your fundraising or event page in your posts. Make your fundraising announcement clearly visible on your social media pages - on Facebook and Twitter you can pin it to the top of your page.

3. Tell a story

Create an interesting story for people to follow, update them regularly with photos, videos, links or blog posts. Share your experiences and how you feel about your training, event preparation and successes.

4. Keep it visual 

Text only updates can easily go unnoticed, use photos and videos to personalise your posts. Sharing short video updates can be a fun and engaging way to spread your message. Remember to take some pictures on the day of your fundraiser too, these will be useful when it is time to collect sponsorship money and donations.

5. Remember to thank your supporters

When your event is over, remember to thank all your sponsors and let them know your final fundraising total. This is both a kind gesture and another great way to promote Alzheimer's Society.

Contact your local Alzheimer's Society office

We'd love to hear about your fundraising event or activity! Find contact details for your local community fundraiser and get in touch for local fundraising support.

More ways to spread the word

Email, blogs, newsletters

Don’t forget your email contacts, internal work platforms, newsletters or blogs. Your friends and colleagues will likely be keen to support you and follow your progress.

Contact a local paper or news website

From free papers and online news websites, to regional radio and community newsletters - the local media is extremely diverse. If you have an interesting story behind why you are fundraising you may wish to get in touch. Try messaging local media outlets through social media or via their websites.

Word of mouth

Don't underestimate word of mouth. Spread the word while out and about at work, school or among your friends. Let people know the inspiration behind your fundraising and ask them to also spread the word.

Order a fundraising pack

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