Dementia-friendly utilities guide

Our dementia-friendly utilities guide is full of information for those working in the utilities sector.

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Dementia-friendly utilities guide: this free resource is full of tips and advice for any size of organisation

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It’s critical that organisations in the utility sector take steps to ensure they have the right policies, procedures and practices in place to support customers, their employees, and the people in the communities they work in and serve. 

Leaders across the utilities sector, people impacted by dementia and Alzheimer’s Society have created a guide to ensure people affected by dementia can feel supported and can continue to access essential utilities.

What is the Dementia-friendly utility guide?

Dementia-friendly utility guide: A practical guide to supporting your customers and employees affected by dementia is essential reading for all those within the sector. The guide has information on: 

  • How dementia may affect people’s use of utilities.
  • How you can make simple changes in your policies to support people with dementia.
  • How you can enable your staff to feel confident in supporting people with dementia.

Who is it for?

The guide is for anyone currently working in the utility sector.

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