Involving the community with dementia and care homes

Find out how encouraging neighbours and friends from the community can benefit a person living with dementia in a care home.

Living with dementia in a care home can mean more than just a loss of memory.

It can mean losing connections with neighbours and friends, or to hobbies, sports and pastimes. It can lead to changes in health and wellbeing and to depression as the individual adjusts to a very different way of life.

That's why the Airedale Social Movement is encouraging neighbourliness and a sense of belonging amongst communities and their local care home.

This could mean bringing local groups into the care home. For example, we recently featured Age UK Bradford’s Military Memories project which has been reminiscing with care home residents and encouraging quieter residents to become more involved.

Meanwhile, our video below shows how a local bowling club captured the imagination of residents in Gargrave: