Supporting inclusion for people with dementia

Read about solutions to improve experiences and outcomes for diverse populations, and how these solutions were informed by research with people who have dementia.

Co-production. LGBT+ dementia-awareness: Bring Dementia Out

People living with dementia, carers and providers of services to LGBT+ people worked with Alzheimer's Society to identify issues, then develop tips and pilot activity in Manchester and Brighton. 

Co-production. The Dementia Statements in Easy Read. Macintyre

Enabling more people to able to understand their rights by having access to an Easy Read version of the Dementia Statements.

Dementia and unmet spiritual well-being needs in Northern Ireland

A focus group exploring unmet spiritual needs of people living with dementia has led to more dementia-friendly church services.

Developing a dementia-friendly phone app with How Do I?  

People living with dementia, their carers and supporters, took part in simple practical activities, providing feedback and learning through verbal responses, choices and observation. 

Digital intercept recruiting people to workshop, London

An example from Alzheimer's Society's Digital team's work with people with dementia and carers.

Films in community languages for dementia awareness, Bristol

Co-development of culturally-sensitive films to address needs of diverse groups associated with late diagnosis.

Easing hospital admissions with personalised care in Southampton

Dementia-aware staff who value constant feedback about service user experience, are delivering person-centred care, reducing distress, problems with communication, risks of malnutrition and dehydration.

Pads in Bags - including people affected by incontinence

Alzheimer's Society's Dementia Voice team worked with people with dementia, their carers and supporters, to identify challenges and solutions, to help people affected by incontinence participate in activities with confidence that their continence needs would be met. 

Supporting self-management: improving 'The Dementia Guide'

User experience improving this Alzheimer's Society publication for people who have recently received a diagnosis of dementia.  

Using video technology to connect people with dementia: 3NDWG

Low cost, easy to use, technology enabling people to be actively involved together in community life, across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

How to measure the experience of people with dementia

Get advice and tips on how to measure the experience of people with dementia, including help with recruitment and research methods.

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