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Emma's story: 'I didn't know the harsh reality of the disease'

Emma cared deeply for her grandfather, Roy, who had dementia. To help support Alzheimer's Society, Emma organises fundraising balls with her family and donates money from the sale of her paintings.

My Grandad suffered from Alzheimer's for around ten years. The disease completely stole away the man he was.

By the time we had to say goodbye in 2017, I had not heard his voice in years. He had not recognised us for a very long time and had completely lost any form of movement and life.

Emma's grandad, Roy

On my website, I published a letter to my rock n roll king. Here is an excerpt:

I want you to know I still remember the man that you ARE, no disease can ever take that away from us.
You’re my Grandad who would spin me around to Elvis, dancing daft until we were contagiously laughing.
The generous gentleman who gave his time to others, and had the kindest heart.

Passion projects

Previously, I never knew what Alzheimer's was. I didn't know the harsh reality of the disease and this is why I want to help create as much awareness and money for a future with a cure.

I am a designer and artist, but I didn't want to paint without giving my art a purpose. So I started Art for Alzheimer's.

My art uses the colour palette of the Alzheimer's Society blues. For every piece of artwork sold, I donate 20% to the charity.

Before my Grandad passed away, my family and I started to organise our first charity ball to raise money for Alzheimer's Society. It was a success!

We're now planning our fourth ball. Our fundraising total has reached over £20,000.

I wanted to share this in hope that it can inspire others to use their passions, what ever they may be, to make difference.

We might not be able to run a marathon a day, but we can do our little part of what we love for a positive outcome.

Emma's ball

The support and stories I hear from others whose family members have been through or are going through the same as me makes my heart break.

I hope we are getting closer to one day kicking Alzheimer's out of our lives.

Host your own charity ball

Organise a gig, music event or charity ball, like Emma, within your community. Help us raise much-needed funds to support people affected by dementia.

Top tips to get started

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Emma is selfless. She puts other people first and she is an absolute dream to meet and have in your lives. Her dedication to the cause is unending and we are very proud to call her our friend.

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