Dementia diagnosis rates

Less than half of people living with dementia in the UK have a diagnosis. There are also huge disparities in diagnosis rates across the country, ranging from 32 per cent in Herefordshire to 75 per cent in Corby. At Alzheimer's Society, we are campaigning to improve diagnosis rates.

Diagnosis rates in England

Diagnosis rates on average in England are just 48 per cent, which despite being a two per cent increase from 2012, means there are still around 416,000 people in England who are living with dementia but who are not diagnosed.

Diagnosis rates in Wales

Download the diagnosis rates for Wales here.

Diagnosis rates in Wales are just 43.4 per cent* which means there are still nearly 25,000 people in Wales who are living with a dementia but who have not been diagnosed.

Diagnosis rates in Northern Ireland

Download the diagnosis rates for Northern Ireland here.

Diagnosis rates for Northern Ireland are 64.8 per cent*, a 0.2 per cent increase from 2012. However there are still around 7000 people in Northern Ireland who are living with dementia but who are not diagnosed.

* Diagnosis rates are from the government's QOF (Qualities and Outcomes Framework) data for 2013-14, which is the number of people registered with GPs as living with dementia. Dementia prevalence rates are from the 2014 Dementia UK report.

Find out more about what Alzheimer's Society are doing to improve diagnosis rates in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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