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Research network

Involving people with dementia and their carers in research

Alzheimer's Society is a pioneer in public involvement in dementia research. Our Research Network is a team of over 250 carers, former carers and people with dementia. Research Network volunteers play an integral role in the research programme. Their duties include:

  • setting our research priorities
  • reviewing funding applications
  • sitting on grant funding panels
  • telling others about the results of research and ensuring that outcomes are translated into tangible benefits for people affected by dementia.

We believe that people with dementia and their carers make a unique and valuable contribution to our work. Their knowledge and passion ensures our research funding is allocated to projects that address the real needs and concerns of people with dementia and their carers.

Become a Research Network volunteer

If you are a carer, a former carer or a person with dementia and you are interested in joining the Network, please download our Research Network application form.

All Research Network volunteers are issued with a handbook and offered training to give them the skills they need to take part. No prior scientific knowledge is required - it is your personal experience that is important to us.

All activities and opportunities are optional. The role of a Research Network volunteer can be undertaken from home. We realise that circumstances change, and that it can be difficult to commit when the future is uncertain, so volunteers can take a break at any time.

For more information on the Research Network please email us at

Read about a Research Network volunteer's experience, or watch the video below

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