Research Strategy Council

The Research Strategy Council (RSC) comprises leading scientists, clinicians, and policymakers who work at the forefront of dementia research in the UK.

Research Strategy Council members advise the Society on the direction and focus of our research strategy, act as ambassadors for dementia research and Alzheimer's Society, and input into decisions regarding broader research activities undertaken by the Society.

The RSC members are:

•    Professor John O'Brien (Chair), University of Cambridge
•    Dr Paresh Malhotra (Vice-Chair), Imperial College London
•    Dr Cynthia Bullock, Innovate UK, UKRI
•    Dr Joseph Butchart, University of Exeter
•    Professor Nick Fox, University College London
•    Professor Claire Goodman, University of Hertfordshire
•    Professor Barbara Hanratty, Newcastle University
•    Mr John Major, Research Network Volunteer and RSC lay representative 
•    Professor Amritpal Mudher, University of Southampton
•    Dr Naaheed Mukadam, University College London
•    Ms Rosemary Phillips, Research Network Volunteer and RSC lay representative 
•    Professor Blossom Stephan, University of Nottingham
•    Dr Li Su, University of Cambridge
•    Professor Henrik Zetterberg, University College London

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