Research Strategy Council

The Research Strategy Council (RSC) comprises lead scientists who work at the forefront of dementia research in the UK.

Research Strategy Council members advise the Society on the direction and focus of the research strategy, and act as ambassadors for dementia research and Alzheimer's Society.

The RSC members are:

  • Professor Carol Brayne (Co-Chair), University of Cambridge
  • Professor John O'Brien (Co-Chair), University of Cambridge.
  • Professor Nick Fox, University College London
  • Professor Ruth Boaden, University of Manchester
  • Professor Murna Downs, University of Bradford.  
  • Professor Steven Gentleman, Imperial College, London.
  • Professor Clive Holmes, University of Southampton
  • Professor Pat Kehoe, University of Bristol
  • Professor Simon Lovestone, University of Oxford
  • Professor Roy Weller, University of Southampton (Emeritus)
  • Professor Steve Iliffe, University College London (Emeritus)
  • Professor Martin Orrell, University of Nottingham
  • Professor Karen Horsburgh, University of Edinburgh 
  • Professor Gordon Wilcock, Alzheimer's Society trustee, University of Oxford (Emeritus)
  • Cathy Bird, Research Network Volunteer and RSC lay representative