ONS figures show care home deaths falling

Alzheimer’s Society comments on figures from the Office for National Statistics showing deaths in care homes from Covid-19 are falling.

Today’s figures from the Officer for National Statistics show:

  • The number of covid-19 deaths are continuing to fall, and this is the first time the number of deaths in care homes and hospitals were fewer than the five-year average.
  • Covid-19 still accounts for 8.4% of deaths.

Gavin Terry, Head of Policy at Alzheimer’s Society said:

'It’s encouraging to see the coronavirus deaths are continuing to fall but we cannot become complacent when the virus is still very much present.

'Tragically, people with dementia have been worst hit by this crisis representing over a quarter of all Covid-19 deaths, twice as many people dying at the height of the pandemic compared with previous years.'

'Each one leaving behind families grieving what potentially could have been a preventable loss of their loved one, had action been taken sooner.

'With the threat of a second wave and 70% of care home residents living with dementia, the Government’s newly formed Social Care Taskforce must take swift action to protect this vulnerable group to ensure a tragedy like this doesn’t happen again, including guaranteeing safe social contact between people living with dementia and their loved ones.'

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