ONS figures show almost 13,000 people who died from Covid-19 had dementia

Alzheimer's Society comments on the latest ONS figures showing almost 13,000 people who died from Covid-19 had dementia.

Updated figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) today show the number of deaths involving COVID-19 in England and Wales from 1 March to 30 May. 

  • There were 46, 687 deaths involving Covid-19 in England & Wales across March to May.
  •  Of the 46,687 people who died of Covid-19, 27.5% had dementia (12,856). This is an increase from 25.3% from the previous data for March and April.

Fiona Carragher, Director of Research and Influencing at Alzheimer’s Society said: 

'The data today confirms the extraordinary toll coronavirus is taking on dementia, beyond any other condition.

'27.5% of all the people who died of coronavirus from March to May had dementia – that’s a staggering number of deaths, nearly 13,000.

'This tragic loss of life must not be repeated if there is another wave of the virus.'

'Lessons must be learnt. But with no dementia representation on the Government’s Social Care Taskforce it’s unclear how this is going to happen.

'People with dementia are the biggest users of social care, and have unique challenges in terms of infection control, and the damaging impact of social isolation, which must be addressed if we’re to protect them. 

'Our Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Connect support line rings every day with people terrified that their loved ones with dementia have been forgotten about.'

'With our funding badly hit by the pandemic we need public support to help us continue to reach as many people as possible.'

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