Alzheimer's Society responds to new Nuffield Trust analysis

Today Nuffield Trust released new analysis that reveals that up to 90,000 home care workers for the over 65s are needed immediately if the main parties’ manifesto pledges to expand and reform social care are to be met.

Sally Copley, Director of Policy and Campaigns at Alzheimer’s Society, said:

It is utterly appalling to see that 165,000 vulnerable people right now are not getting help to meet their most basic needs – washing, dressing and eating. Nothing shows the social care crisis more starkly than this.

“Three fifths of people using homecare and 70% of people in care homes are living with dementia - the social care crisis is a dementia crisis. Just yesterday we heard that the majority of social care directors are concerned they won’t have capacity to manage winter related pressures over the coming months. Investment is desperately needed to turn this broken system around. The system must be properly funded to ensure that enough staff are available to give the best possible care, and all care staff providing care to people living with dementia should receive specialist dementia training.

“Both of the main party manifestos pledge to address the social care crisis, but we need to see radical reform to help families battling devastating costs and facing impossible choices. Whoever is next in Government has to act decisively to resolve the funding of social care, with immediate investment and a long term plan for reform. How much more evidence could we possibly need - this issue cannot be brushed aside with more delays.”