Prime Minister announces extra £1.8 billion for NHS frontline services

Yesterday, Prime Minister, Boris Johnson announced the 20 hospitals set to share £850 million of new funding to upgrade outdated facilities and equipment – helping improve patient care and ultimately save more lives.

The Prime Minister will has also confirmed a £1 billion boost to NHS capital spending, allowing existing upgrade programmes to proceed and tackling the most urgent infrastructure projects.

Sally Copley, Director of Policy and Campaigns at Alzheimer’s Society, says:

We’re encouraged to see the new Government committing to improving healthcare, but disappointed that social care is once again playing second fiddle.

'The NHS knows it can only thrive if the social care system is fit for purpose. 850,000 people living with dementia have waited long enough, so we are all looking to the Government to now deliver on social care, and look forward to the Prime Minister’s next announcement. 

'We urge the Prime Minister to provide an NHS Dementia Fund to end the injustice people with dementia face today. We need to invest in long term social care reform, and ensure that people with dementia people get good quality, specialist care now - the kind of care that any one of us would expect if we developed a health condition.'