NHS “birthday present” funding announcement

Yesterday, Theresa May announced that the NHS is to receive an extra £20 billion a year in funding as a “birthday present”.

The spending plan means that the NHS’ budget of £114 billion a year, will rise by more than 3% a year on average in the next five years.

Sally Copley, Director of Policy, Campaigns and Partnerships at Alzheimer’s Society, says:

'We welcome the announcement of more money for the NHS. But when it comes to social care, it’s a sticking plaster on a gaping wound.

'Dementia care costs £26 billion each year, with two thirds of this figure shouldered by people living with the condition. This is a huge burden for people affected by dementia, compounded by the fact that we hear that this care can often be of a very poor standard.

'People with dementia have the right to care and support. With the Health and Social Care Green Paper just around the corner, the Government must ensure that funding and adequate reform for social care is top of their to-do list.'


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