Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

This Statement sets out the steps that Alzheimer’s Society is taking to improve our practices to prevent slavery and human trafficking in our supply chains. This Statement is applicable for the financial year which ended 31st March 2021. 

We have experienced many key changes within the Society including:

  • The appointment of a new CEO,
  • The impact of the COVID19 pandemic,
  • The conclusion of the Brexit transition period and 
  • A significant restructure of the Society’s workforce. 

This Statement applies to the following entities: 

  • Alzheimer’s Society is a charitable company limited by guarantee, governed by its Articles of Association (company number 02115499)
  • Alzheimer’s Trading Limited (ATL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alzheimer’s Society (company number 02737333) Alzheimer’s Brain Bank UK (Company number 05762960)
  • Alzheimer’s Foundation for Research into Alzheimer’s Disease (Company number 03655393)
  • Alzheimer’s UK Limited (Company number 03086855)

Our performance 

We have identified key areas of activity that we have successfully implemented and will continue to develop. These have included: 

  • Further embedding modern slavery considerations in our procurement process
  • Building enhanced modern slavery considerations into our ongoing tender for merchandise
  • Enhancing the contractual terms covering modern slavery in our standard terms and conditions of purchase
  • Launching a review of our Modern Slavery policy. 

Our Supply chains 

Suppliers contracting with the Society are expected to meet their obligations under the Modern Slavery Act, and to comply with relevant Society policies and procedures.

We recognise that there are particular areas of our supply chains that pose greatest risk to us and we have identified these as:

  • Building maintenance
  • Cleaning and waste services 
  • IT suppliers and services
  • Temporary labour

In the areas of greatest risk, we will continue to carry out particular due diligence to understand what measures these suppliers are taking and what mitigation they have in place to prevent modern slavery before we enter into a contract with them. This will consist of detailed questions at procurement stage.

For existing suppliers, we will carry out checks to understand their commitment and progress.

Our employees are selected in accordance with our recruitment policy and managed in accordance with our HR policies and processes which are designed to ensure both temporary and permanent staff are treated fairly and with dignity. 

We maintain a whistleblowing policy to enable staff and volunteers to raise concerns related to modern slavery and other matters.

In 2021/2022, we will:

Establish a modern slavery working group to develop and further develop our work on Modern Slavery;

  • conclude our review of the Modern Slavery Policy; 
  • reassess and classify the areas of greatest risk in light of the changes to the Society in 20/21 and the work that we are doing to consolidate and reduce the number of suppliers in areas of greatest spend;
  • set measures against the identified areas of greatest risk and report on progress;
  • work with key internal teams and stakeholders to further develop our due diligence checks and processes; and
  • develop and implement training for relevant staff.

For further information regarding this Statement, please email [email protected]

This statement was approved by the Board of Alzheimer’s Society on 17th June 2021.