Washing and bathing

5. Aids and equipment

If washing is becoming difficult, you might find it useful to install some equipment, such as bars and handrails. This equipment can help the person feel more independent and more in control of their situation, and can also make washing and bathing easier and safer. Information about this sort of equipment is available from an occupational therapist, who you can contact through social services, the GP or district nurse. The service is free of charge.

An occupational therapist may suggest some of the following pieces of equipment:

  • grab rails to help with getting in and out of the bath
  • handrails, which can be attached to the wall near the shower, washbasin or toilet
  • non-slip mats for the bath or shower
  • seats to go in the bath or shower
  • raised toilet seats or commodes.

Involve the person with dementia as much as possible in decisions about any changes that need to be made to the bathroom.