Keeping secure at home

Advice and tips for staying secure at home when living with dementia.

Feeling safe at home is important for everyone. When you are living with dementia, it is even more important to be alert.

Tips for staying secure at home

  • Always be careful when answering the door to strangers.
  • Consider having a chain fitted on the inside of the front door.
  • If you are expecting a visit from a tradesman or tradeswoman, keep a note of their name and the date they are coming. It may be useful to put a note on the inside of the front door as a reminder.
  • If you have an unexpected visit, always ask to see the person’s identification card before letting them in. Call the phone number on the card to check if you are not sure. Don’t be afraid to shut the front door while you do this – if visitors are genuine, they will understand.
  • Think about fitting locks to your windows and security locks on your doors. Make sure you know how to open and lock them quickly and easily. Neighbourhood Watchor your local police community support officer (PCSO) can advise (see ‘Other useful organisations’). You may also consider having a telecare system fitted in the home. This kind of system may be set up to give a response if the front door is open.
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