Supporting a person with dementia in a care home

Our booklet will help if you would like to know how to support a person with dementia when they move into a care home. It includes practical tips on how to help the person settle in and ways to stay connected. It also describes common emotions you and the person may have and gives information on managing the financial side.

How the booklet can help

A person with dementia is likely to move into a care home when their needs can no longer be met at home. This is often a necessary decision after a period of struggling to cope. It may follow a stay in hospital due to illness or a fall. 

A care home can provide the care they need throughout the day and night. However, whilst a move into a care home can be a helpful step for a person with dementia, it can be a very difficult and emotional time for carers, families and friends. This booklet provides plenty of emotional as well as practical advice and support.

Information about this booklet

  • Code 691
  • First published 2024
  • 85 pages, A5

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