Accessing and sharing information on behalf of a person with dementia

This booklet gives practical advice on handling someone's personal information to help them manage their affairs, or when managing their affairs for them.

We all share personal information with organisations – for example, to arrange repeat prescriptions, claim benefits or pay bills. If you’re supporting someone with dementia, there may be times when you need to access information on their behalf.

It can be difficult to know when or how you can access or share information on behalf of a person with dementia. This booklet will help you to understand when you may be able to or have a right to do this. It also tells you how to complain if you believe you were wrongly denied access to someone’s information.

The information in this booklet is based on laws that apply in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Where laws are different in these nations, this is explained in the booklet.

This booklet looks at the following topics:

  • Accessing information
  • Sharing information
  • Making a complaint
  • Other useful organisations

Code 882
2019: 36 pages, A5

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