Care and mobility benefits: rates and thresholds

People affected by dementia may be entitled to care and mobility benefits. Find out about the current rates and thresholds here. 

This page provides details of care and mobility benefits rates and savings thresholds from April 2019 to March 2020.

It is designed to be used in conjunction with other Alzheimer’s Society information about benefits and how to apply for them, especially our page on care and mobility benefits.

Attendance allowance

Higher rate £87.65 weekly

Lower rate £58.70 weekly

Disability living allowance

Personal care component

Higher rate £87.65 weekly

Middle rate £58.70 weekly

Lower rate £23.20 weekly

Mobility component

Higher rate £61.20 weekly

Lower rate £23.20 weekly

Personal independence payment

Personal independence payment (PIP) has replaced Disability living allowance for all new claims after June 2013.

Daily living component

Enhanced rate £87.65 weekly

Standard rate £58.70 weekly

Mobility component

Enhanced rate £61.20 weekly

Standard rate £23.20 weekly

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