Giving information to replacement care providers

It is helpful for carers to give information to those providing replacement care. This can support them while they care for the person with dementia

It may help to use a tool such as This is me, which people with dementia and their carers can use to tell staff about their needs, preferences, likes, dislikes and interests. You can download a copy from or order a copy for free by phoning 0300 303 5933.

It will be helpful to write things down for the carers, including information on:

  • what the person with dementia likes and dislikes; this could range from food preferences to a favourite jumper
  • details of their routine: what time they get up, what time they like to eat, any activities they enjoy doing throughout the day
  • specific ways to support the person if they become upset or distressed
  • any medicines they need to take
  • any sensory or physical difficulties they may have
  • dietary, religious and cultural needs
  • any hobbies and interests the person has
  • if the person is being looked after at home, details about the running of the home, eg which key locks which door, how the washing machine works, which day the bins are collected
  • important phone numbers, eg the person's GP
  • emergency contact details, eg the carer or another family member or friend.