Support services category guide

Find out what categories of support service you can search for on our dementia directory.

Activities and social groups

Activity and social groups allow people with dementia and their carers to meet people in a similar situation to themselves while doing the things they enjoy or trying something new.


Trained advocates empower people with dementia to make informed choices and decisions, for example about the care they receive, by helping them to express their views, access information and services and secure their rights.

Care homes

Care homes can offer accommodation and personal care for people who may not be able to live independently. Nursing homes may also offer care from a qualified nurse who can support more complex needs. This section includes respite/replacement care.

Care or support in the home

Specialist home care and support services offer people with dementia personalised one-to-one support in their own home, to help them maintain their independence.

Day care

Day care services give people with dementia the opportunity to continue their hobbies and interests, try out new activities, and socialise with others in a friendly and safe environment outside of their home.

Information, support and advice

Information, support and advice services help people with dementia, their families and carers understand the condition, cope with day-to-day challenges, and to prepare for the future.

Support in the community

Community-based services offer people with dementia personalised one to one support to take part in activities, get involved and socialise in their local community. There are also group support opportunities for both people with dementia and carers.


Specialist transport services can help people with dementia and carers to attend local services, run errands and travel to and from medical and social appointments.