Practicalities of sex in care homes

Read our advice about the practicalities of sex and intimacy in care homes. 

Living in a residential, nursing or shared home need not signal an end to your sex life. Talk to the manager or key worker about your need for private time together and discuss how that can be made available to you. Ask what training is available to staff about relationships, sexuality and sexual health.

Other questions you might want to ask include:

  • Does the home have a sexuality policy?
  • What might happen if a resident shows affection or sexual feelings towards another resident or staff member?
  • If you have a same-sex relationship, will your wishes for privacy be treated with equal respect to those in a heterosexual relationship?

Ask to see the home's equal opportunities policy. Every home should also have an anti-discrimination policy and you can ask for evidence as to whether it has been put into practice.

It is important that every resident is able to express their sexuality in a safe and tolerant environment.

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