Campaign reports and briefings

Alzheimer's Society produces reports as part of our work as a campaigning organisation, and briefings for Members of Parliament.

All-Party Parliamentary Group on Dementia Reports

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Dementia, a group of Members of Parliament and Members of the House of Lords from across the political spectrum, supported by Alzheimer’s Society, regularly produces reports on aspects of dementia experience, care, and research. Check them out here:

Parliamentary briefings


11 January -  Westminster Hall Debate - New treatments for dementia

18 January- House of Lords Question for Short Debate - Plans to create parity of health and social care to address dementia


The King's Speech- Briefing for debates on Science and Research

The King's Speech- Briefing for debates on Health and Social Care 


16 October- Lords Debate- The report from the Adult Social Care Committee: 'A “gloriously ordinary life’’: spotlight on adult social care'

Party Conference Briefing- Make Dementia a Priority


18 September- Lords Question- Funding for the Major Conditions Strategy

4 September - Lords Question - Dementia Diagnosis


12 June - Lords Question - Huntingdon's Disease


23 May - Parliamentary Debate - Northern Ireland Budget


24 November - Backbench Business Debate - Value of Social Care


8 September - Lords Oral Question - Horizon Europe and Dementia Research


17 May - Queen's Speech - Lords Debate on Education, Welfare, Health and Public Services

16 May - Queen's Speech - Commons Debate on making Britain the best place to grow up and grow old


25 April - Health and Care Bill - Commons Consideration of further Lords Amendments - Cap on Care Costs


30 March - Health and Care Bill - Commons Consideration of Lords Amendments - Cap on Care Costs

28 March - Adjournment Debate on ‘lateral flow tests in health care settings

10 March - Lords Oral Questions Session - Care Home Evictions following Complaints

10 March - General Debate - Deterioration for people with long-term conditions during the pandemic: joint briefing with twenty other charities and specific briefing on dementia

7 March - Health and Care Bill Lords Report Stage - Cap on Care Costs/Clause 155


1 March - Health and Care Bill Lords Report Stage - Dementia Amendment



10 February - General Debate - Dementia research in the UK


2 February - Oral Statement - Levelling Up White Paper Briefing


26 January - Health and Care Bill Lords Committee Stage Briefing - Cap on Care Costs

6 January - Lords Oral Question - Hospital beds and social care


30 November - Adjournment Debate - Patient access to NICE approved products


23 November - Lords Debate - Increasing the use of art or music-based interventions in people affected by dementia


22 November - Commons Debate - New Clause 49 on Cap on Care Costs for Charging Purposes 


8 November - Adjournment Debate - UK Vaccine Strategy



27 October - House of Lords Oral Question - Health and Social Care Levy and Provision of Social Care



21 September - Increasing access to a diagnosis: Regional variation


21 September - Increasing access to a diagnosis: Ethnic minorities


21 September - Increasing access to a diagnosis: Hospitals and care homes


8 September - Commons Debate - Ways and Means resolution on the health and social care levy


8 September- Report Briefing - APPG on Dementia Report - Fuelling the Moonshot: Unleashing the UK’s potential through dementia research 


7 September - Health and Social Care Bill - Committee Stage Briefing


2 September - Stabilise, Energise, Realise: A long term plan for social care - Report Briefing



22 July – Westminster Hall Debate – Support for Unpaid Carers and Carers Week

14 July - Commons Debate - Health and Care Bill Second Reading

5 July – House of Lords Oral Question – Memory Assessment Services Waiting Times


24 June - Lords Debate - Social Care Provision in the UK and the Role of Carers 

23 June - Moving Forward Stronger Paper – Launch Event Briefing


27 May – General Debate - Dementia Action Week

19 May – Queen’s Speech Debate – A Plan for the NHS and Social Care

17 May – Dementia Action Week – MP Briefing



22 April - Westminster Hall Debate - Social care and the Covid-19 outbreak

19 April - Public Accounts Committee - Adult social care markets inquiry

15 April - Westminster Hall Debate - Research and Development spending 



18 March - Westminster Hall Debate - Social care reform and workforce

16 March - Westminster Hall Debate - The future of research and development funding

11 March - Adjournment Debate - Concussion in sport


9 February - House of Lords Oral Question - Impact of pandemic and restrictions on over 75s


13 January – Science and Technology Committee - UK Science, Research and Technology Capability and Influence In Global Disease Outbreaks Inquiry – Evidence session 

12 January – General Debate on Covid-19 

12 January – Joint Committee on Human Rights - The Government's response to covid-19: human rights implications of long lockdown

11 January – Public Accounts Committee – Covid-19: Planning for a vaccine part 1 inquiry - Evidence session 

6 January – Covid-19 Statement: Care home visits & vaccinations 

6 January – Health and Social Care Committee – Evidence session with Secretary of State 

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