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£8,000 or a new car

What would you do if you won £100, £1,000 or even £8,000?

Play our New Year Big Win Super Draw from 2 January for your change to win BIG. Would it be £8,000 or a brand new car that could start your New Year off in the best way possible?

Why should you play the Super Draw?

Taking part in our Super Draw is an easy and fun way to raise vital funds for our work.

Last year, people playing the Super Draw raised over half a million pounds! This incredible amount could fund up to 16 PhD students for a year! There is a critical need for more researchers working in the field of dementia research so every single pound we raise is vital.

By entering, you'll not only be in with a chance of winning one of our amazing cash prizes but you'll also be helping to support more people with dementia.

For example, every 10 tickets bought or sold could ensure a call from someone affected by dementia seeking emotional support, and clear, expert advice is answered by our National Dementia Helpline. Every single ticket bought makes such a difference, and we couldn't do our amazing work without your help.

Just imagine what you could do with an extra £8,000 could make to your life! Don't delay, the closing date is 1 March - play today!

Enter our New Year Super Draw

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