More ways to get involved from home

Here are ways people affected by dementia can share experiences, insights and ideas to help influence our services, resources and those of other organisations we are working with, too.

Telephone interviews and discussions

From time to time we use phone calls to find out the answers to particular questions. These are friendly, relaxed and have a bit, or a lot, of structure, depending on what we need to find out. 

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Online surveys

Join our nationwide panel of people affected by dementia to receive surveys regularly. Choose to answer those that interest you. Currently, many have a Covid-19 theme, but topics may cover other aspects life affected by dementia too.

Or perhaps you just want to do a survey occasionally if a project comes along that relates to something important to you, such as influencing the planning and improvement of dementia services in your local area.

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Would you like to be a photo diarist for Alzheimer's Society? 

Pictures can speak louder than words, and convey different meanings. Well into a dementia journey, many people are still able to take photographs on a given theme. So we would love to include photographs about lived experiences, as well as hearing from people in words.

Share your photos of ideas for things to do while staying home day after day.

We would like you to take one or two photos of something that you have found helps you to get through the day.  This could be just the once, or over a period of time we can agree, such as a week.

Email your photo to us and tell us about what it means to you. It might be gardening, knitting, chairobics, or even making a phone call, or getting involved in a Zoom video or voice chat to help other people. 

By doing this you can help us to learn great tips that we can share nationally to help other people affected by dementia. With your permission, we would like to share some of your photographs on our social media and web channels. 

Interested? For more information, please email Lindsey Ambrose and Steve McFadyen at [email protected]

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