Primary schools

Teach about dementia in your primary school and help us create a dementia-friendly generation.

A third of young people know someone living with dementia. With over two million people developing dementia in the next ten years, most people will know someone affected by the condition in their lifetime.

We want every young person to understand what it's like to live with dementia. Help us make a dementia-friendly generation by teaching your students about dementia.

Resources for primary schools

Our teaching toolkits and activity packs make it easy to teach and learn about dementia. Classes who complete them will be awarded a badge and become certified Dementia Friends. 

  • PSHE toolkits - Use our PSHE Association accredited teaching packs to teach students at all key stage groups.
  • Memories with Grandma - Our animation and activity pack is perfect for 5-11 year-olds. 
  • Dementia Friends Information Sessions - Invite a volunteer Dementia Friends Champion to your school to run a free, fun and interactive session about dementia
Order primary school resources

Hold an assembly

Ask pupils to design their own presentation about dementia to educate their peers, or use Alzheimer's Society's assembly presentation to introduce dementia as a topic to students.

Make a difference in your community

Schools are uniquely placed to help change the lives of local people living with dementia. By embedding dementia awareness throughout school life you can empower young people to take action and change the lives of local people affected by dementia.

Watch the video below to see how students at Llanfaes CP School in Brecon have helped make their local community dementia-friendly.

Hold a fundraising event

While teaching your pupils about dementia, embed their learning by getting involved in Alzheimer’s Society fundraising events! Throughout the year we have tons of fun events that your school can join us in – from dressing up as elves at Christmas (Elf Day) to rising to the challenge and baking cakes (Cupcake Day), as well as uniting with us by holding your own Memory Walk! 

Maggie, Year 4 at Sacred Heart Primary School:

'It's fun to dress up in Elf costumes and help raise money for the charity. I wanted to learn about dementia because it's interesting.'

Alfie, Year 4 at Sacred Heart Primary School:

'I've learned that when you have dementia it's not just about forgetting, it affects a lot of other stuff too. My Grandad has dementia so I'm glad we're helping.'

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