Registration form for the recognition process for Dementia Friendly Communities in Northern Ireland

Recognition process for dementia friendly communities

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Help: You can give the name of the village/town/city, region and county for example.
6. Is the area becoming dementia friendly best described as one community (such as one town or one area) or an initiative that is spread across areas? * Required
8. Is this community best described as predominantly rural, village, town, city or mixed? * Required
10. Does your community have a local dementia action alliance? * Required
Help: If you are not sure please check on the Dementia Action Alliance website,
11. Is your community already in the process of becoming a dementia friendly community? * Required
16. Please confirm that your community intends to (1) Work towards the foundation criteria (2) Provide a short update on progress and next steps at 6 months (3) Complete an annual self-assessment required before the anniversary of your registration (4) Commit to the terms and conditions of use for the 'working to become dementia friendly symbol' * Required