Online learning resources for professionals

Find the most useful resources for health professionals dealing with dementia.

We commissioned a review by University College London of dementia e-learning resources available to health professionals.

This review identified the most common areas of learning need, and the best e-learning resources available to meet that demand.

Learning need Best resource 2nd best resource 3rd best resource
Diagnostic methods Dementia Learning Zone BMJ eLearning modules e-LfH
Behavourial management BMJ eLearning modules Kwango National Prescribing Centre UK
Carers needs and quality markers e-LfH SCIE Dementia Gateway
Mental Capacity Act 2015 and legal issues e-LfH Dementia Learning Zone Kwango
Complex case discussions Dementia Learning Zone National Prescribing Centre UK None
Care planning Dementia Learning Zone SCIE Dementia Gateway
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