Dementia Involvement Awards 2024

The Dementia Involvement Awards 2024 will showcase the best examples of involvement of people with lived experience of Dementia.

CIA 2024

About the Awards

The Awards season is back for 2024, with a new look and theme as the Dementia Involvement Awards (previously: Dementia Hero Awards). Building on the success of the 2023 Awards, we are focusing on the theme of involvement, showcasing the best examples of involving people with lived experience. 

This is an opportunity to share and learn through excellent involvement from those who do it well and provide inspiration for the future of involvement.


Nominations will open on Tuesday 19 March and close on Monday 20 May at 5pm. 

The Awards Ceremony will be held at a daytime event in London on Tuesday 10 September 2024.

What do we mean by involvement?

At Alzheimer’s Society we ensure that people affected by dementia can share their lived experience, knowledge, and skills to help plan, shape and influence the work we do.

You can learn more about the ways we involve people below.


Designing with people with ‘lived experience’, sharing ideas together and incorporating these into the outcome.

Example: designing learning resources.


An equal partnership where people with lived and learnt experience work together from start to finish.

Example: creating a service together and influencing how it is commissioned and delivered.


Sharing stories, information or awareness raising activity.

Example: speaking at an event


Asking for people’s opinions on a range of options to influence our decisions and plans. Can be seen as tokenistic if there is no opportunity to influence change.

Example: answering a series of set questions about the layout and content in a publication or designing guidance for research grants.


Ongoing conversations to help understand issues, people with ‘lived experience’ express views and discuss ideas for change.

Example: a series of focus groups influencing guidance for a sports venue.

What are we looking for?

We are putting out an open call for nominations and want to hear about all the great involvement work taking place in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Internationally. We are doing things a little differently this year, it’s an open submission and we are open to hearing from everyone.

The overarching criteria for successful nominations will be:   

  • Demonstrate how people with lived experience have been involved meaningfully. 
  • Evidence the impact of the involvement work on those affected by dementia.  
  • Highlight the learning that has taken place during the involvement process
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2023 Highlights

You can watch highlights of the 2023 awards here: