How the Scouts are uniting against dementia

In Spring 2018, as part of the A Million Hands Big Moment, Scout groups will open their doors to the local community and host dementia-friendly events.

Scouts A Million Hands Uniting Against Dementia

Dementia is already a part of young people’s lives. Our research shows that one in three young people already know someone living with dementia. This could be a grandparent, a friend of the family, or a neighbour. Increasingly, it could be a parent.

That’s why Alzheimer’s Society has partnered with The Scout Association. Young people show us that they really get it. They want to know more about dementia and they want to make a difference in their communities.

Young people are so open and willing to learn that it almost doesn’t occur to them to have the prejudices and negative perceptions that older people tend to have picked up – so doing the Information Session ensures that they maintain a positive, but better informed, understanding of dementia.”

– Bruce Moore, Dementia Friends Champion

The Scout Association’s ‘A Million Hands’ initiative encourages Scout members to make a difference on big social issues. Across the UK, Scouts are being given the freedom to choose an issue that matters to them. Thousands have committed to taking social action on dementia as well as working towards their Community Impact badge.

Many Scouts have already become a Dementia Friend by attending an Information Session. This means they’ve committed to making a difference to people affected by dementia. Now, the Scouts are working with their local communities to create dementia-friendly spaces. Work includes delivering activities in local care homes, as well as creating dementia-friendly signage.

Learn more from Bear Grylls about the different actions Scouts can take on dementia.

The Big Moment

In Spring 2018, as part of the A Million Hands Big Moment, Scout groups will open their doors to the local community and host dementia-friendly events. These inter-generational activities will be a fantastic opportunity to unite local communities and combat the stigma and social isolation that people with dementia can face.

If you’re a member of The Scout Association, join us by putting on a dementia-friendly event this Spring. Whether you raise awareness of dementia during your section night, or you’re joining forces with your local care home to run a singing event, it all helps to create a dementia-friendly generation.

Dementia is an issue that affects everyone in society, no matter what age. It’s time to unite the generations and take action on dementia.

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Brilliant well done Scouts - keep up the good work.

Many Carers and Volunteers are also more than happy to not only be Dementia Friends but to get involved and organize so please please do not deny them an opportunity to make an impact and provide support as they seek to organize social activities in their own time and with their own resources.

Let the old watchword of 'BE PREPARED' be taken up by us all so that more joy, fun, compassion and love be available to support those individuals, families and friends who are travelling along the often lonely and difficult path many experience.

Peace and Love


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