What we think

As public awareness and understanding about dementia grows, people want to know what Alzheimer's Society thinks about a wide range of issues that relate to people affected by dementia.

Please note, the following pages may not reflect the current situation and will be taken under review in the coming months.

Read what we think about the following important issues:

Differences across the UK

People with dementia and their carers face similar problems in all parts of the UK and the Society's position on these issues does not change across the different countries.

However, the strategies needed and the agencies that need to be targeted in order to achieve change are different in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

For example, in England there are clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and the NHS Trust Development Authority (TDA), in Wales there are local health boards (LHBs), and in Northern Ireland there are health and social services boards (HSSBs) and trusts.

These differences will need to be considered throughout the document. The text mainly refers to CCGs, which commission most services in England, but, in many cases, these could be read as LHBs (Wales) and HSSBs (Northern Ireland).

In addition, in some cases legislation referred to does not apply to all parts of the UK and this is indicated in the text.