Evidencing our impact

Alzheimer's Society is committed to measuring the difference we make for people affected by dementia. Here you can find annual reports for the Making Evaluation Count project run by the Evaluation and Impact Team.

Young People and the Alzheimer's Society

Our latest service evaluation report

In line with our values - we get it, we are united, we will do it - the evidence we collect informs, improves and demonstrates what we do, on a local and national level.

Our latest service evaluation report, "We are not alone with this diagnosis" - connecting people affected by dementia to a network of support , highlights the views of more than 8,500 people who used Alzheimer's Society local services in 2017.

"We feel very pleased to have someone to talk to and turn to for support and information. It is nice to know we are not alone with this diagnosis."
- Carer talking about a Dementia Adviser service

Our findings

We measure 5 key outcomes with our service users: they feel supported by staff and volunteers, they receive useful information, they have increased social contact, they have peer support, and our service made their life better in some way. The findings were  positive as both people affected by dementia and carers had at least 96% agreement that these outcomes had been met.

Our analysis has also demonstrated how our services help people affected by dementia to be connected to a network. This network:

  1. Provides continuity of support.
  2. Empowers decision-making.
  3. Improves well-being.

We explore these themes further in the full report.

View 2017 report here

View the 2016 Making Evaluation Count report '"I can be me again"- enabling people with dementia and carers to live well' here.  

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