Bring Dementia Out

Two people holding LGBT flag wearing United Against Dementia T-shirts

Together, we will Bring Dementia Out

Bring Dementia Out aims to raise awareness and provide support for LGBTQ+ people affected by dementia in Brighton and Hove, and Greater Manchester.

How everyone can help to Bring Dementia Out

1. See the person and not just the condition

Treat everyone as an individual. Look beyond dementia and respect all aspects of someone's identity.

2. Learn the right language and avoid making assumptions

It's okay to ask how a person would like to be referred to. If you're unsure of someone’s gender, use first names or gender-neutral pronouns, such as ‘they’ and ‘them’. Use terms like ‘partner’ (not husband and wife) and ‘child’ (not son or daughter).

  • What does LGBTQ+ mean? 'LGBTQ' stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer. The ‘+’ recognises inclusion of wider spectrums of sexuality and gender. Learn more from Stonewall's extensive glossary of terms.

3.  Understand the stigma

While everyone’s experience of dementia is unique, there can be many additional challenges that are specific to a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

  • LGBTQ+ people with dementia who have faced discrimination or stigma may feel forced back into the closet, or their dementia could mean they feel they are still living in those times. 
  • Trans people with dementia may go back to a time before they transitioned, which can be distressing and confusing.
  • Some LGBTQ+ people may feel isolated as they may have no long-term partner or family to support them. 

Hear from people facing these challenges, and learn what is being done to help

Bring Dementia Out provides advice, guidance and support in Brighton and Hove, and Greater Manchester for:

Help is at hand

If you are living with dementia or supporting someone who is (carer, partner, friend or relative), get the support you need by speaking to your GP. 

You can also order or download free resources, including Alzheimer’s Society's LGBTQ: Living with dementia booklet.

You can contact the LGBT Foundation who support people affected by dementia:

Contact details as below for:

Our Dementia Connect support line provides help and support for anyone seeking information or advice. Our dementia advisers are here for you on 0333 150 3456.

Follow these three steps:

1. Become dementia-friendly and help others to be dementia-friendly

2. Understand the experiences of people affected by dementia

Give people a voice by involving them in your work, reading and sharing their stories.

3. Support others to be LGBTQ+ inclusive

Talk to dementia organisations, and share your knowledge with health and social care professionals.

Follow these three steps:

  1. Find out more about dementia
  2. Become a Dementia Friend or a Dementia Friends Champion to help transform the way we all think, act and talk about the condition. Visit
  3. Start the conversation about how dementia affects LGBTQ+ people by learning from the Bring Dementia Out resources
    • Talk to friends and family members
    • Talk at an event or group you’re holding or attending (for example, a university LGBTQ+ society or a book group)
    • Share through your networks on social media or other channels.

Health and social care professionals may include GPs, care homes, hospitals and other organisations, such as charities.

Follow these three steps:

  1. Raise awareness among staff and volunteers by reading and sharing stories about the experiences of LGBTQ+ people affected by dementia and inviting them to share their story at events
  2. Create a safe culture for LGBTQ+ people affected by dementia:
    • Look for training programmes and quality assurances about LGBTQ+ inclusivity, such as Opening Doors London
    • Use value-based recruitment – see Health Education England’s guidance – and refer to these values throughout everyone’s employment
    • Ensure any existing training, policies and publications that relate to dementia are LGBTQ+ inclusive (such as imagery, language and examples used)
  3. Ask open-ended questions that show that you're not making assumptions about a person's relationships:
    • 'Who is important in your life?'
    • 'Who is your next of kin?'
    • 'Who have you brought with you today?

The National Dementia Action Alliance is helping health and social care organisations become more LGBTQ+ inclusive.

Browse resources, information and support available in Brighton and Hove, and Greater Manchester

About Bring Dementia Out

Bring Dementia Out is an innovation that was tested in Brighton and Hove, and Greater Manchester in January and February 2019. The aim was to increase awareness and understanding of dementia and reach out to those who may not feel supported.

After the success of our innovation project, Bring Dementia Out is now being scaled at a wider level by LGBT Foundation, National Dementia Action Alliance, Switchboard (Brighton and Hove), National LGB&T Partnership and LGBT Consortium, and is being supported by the Guinness Partnership. Visit the website to find out more.

Many thanks to our Bring Dementia Out partners, stakeholders and experts who innovated with Alzheimer's Society. This includes people affected by dementia, national and local organisations, and LGBTQ+ communities.

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