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Christmas is a time that is full of memories. We can all remember our best present. Our worst present. When you realised who Father Christmas really was.  Memories make us who we are today - memories of happy times, sad times, of people, places, even pets.  But for 800,000 people in the UK who are living with dementia Christmas can be a time of heightened emotion. 

The government is taking action with its Dementia Challenge and we are pleased to report that dementia now has extra funding, research and support for professionals. We can’t wrap them up and put them under the tree but we can celebrate.  This Christmas there are many things you can do:

Tweet us your favourite Christmas memory

To get into the festive spirit why not tweet us your favourite memory by writing them on a piece of paper, taking a photo and tweeting us using the hashtag #xmas2remember.

Or you can add a comment to our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/alzheimerssocietyuk. Memories will feature on a blog that will help us make this year a Xmas 2 Remember for everyone.

Tips for Christmas

Christmas is a time of festivity and celebration but for emotional and practical reasons it can also be a difficult time for people with dementia and carers.  Large social occasions, such as Christmas, can compound feelings of isolation or frustration.

The bustle of Christmas can also be stressful for the person and their carer as they struggle with a busy caring routine.  Shops are busier and more confusing; finding the time to buy presents or visit relatives can also be difficult. 

On Christmas day busy, noisy households add atmosphere to celebration but may also cause confusion. Extra steps are needed to support a person with dementia. Many carers tell us they worry a person with dementia may become confused and anxious or slip away from the house unnoticed.