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Putting care right – care at home

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Alzheimer's Society Support. Stay. Save. report reveals many people with dementia and carers receive insufficient support and care at home.

Key findings

  • Support. Stay. Save found that people with dementia and carers greatly value living in their own home but many are not receiving sufficient support and care for this to be a reality.
  • Lack of support at home can lead to admission to hospital, early entry into care homes, and increased strain on carers.
  • Many care home workers reported they still needed more training on delivering good dementia care.

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What the Society is calling for

  • Support for people with dementia to live independently in their own homes and avoid early and unnecessary admission to long term care.
  • Commissioners to recognise the considerable resources already being spent across health and social care on dementia and the opportunity to use them more effectively.
  • Home care workers to be supported to provide good care to people with dementia in their own homes.

Further information

Contact ppa@alzheimers.org.uk for more information.

Support. Stay. Save. report

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Caring for someone with dementia- everyday care

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Remaining independent

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