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Dementia Community Roadshow

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The Alzheimer's Society Roadshow has been touring the UK since June 2011, answering your questions about dementia and offering free, tailored and confidential advice to people worried about their memory or that of a loved one. So far we have reached over 100,000 people but we know there are more out there living with dementia, many without a diagnosis.

We strive to always provide the best advice and support to anyone living with dementia. To achieve this we need you to tell us what you think about the Roadshow and how we can improve the service we offer by completing a quick survey.


Take the survey
Thank you for taking the time to help, we really appreciate and value your opinion.

Do you have questions about dementia?

If you live with dementia and want to find out more about local services in your area or are worried about your memory, we're here to help. 

On board the Roadshow we have:

The Roadshow vehicles tour the UK 42 weeks of the year. Our upcoming events can be seen on the map below - why not visit us and spread the word to your friends and family?

For more information or to request that the Roadshow visits your local area, please email: roadshow@alzheimers.org.uk

Please note the dates below refer to 2014.