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Book Review

Recommended reads

Janet Baylis, Manager of the Dementia Knowledge Centre at central office in London, picks out her personal selection of recently published books.

Three of these four choices take a clear, practical approach to dealing positively with common problems for people with dementia and memory loss. Each represents excellent value for money and can easily be ordered by phone or online.

The fourth, Telling tales, is an inspirational book. The writers, from many different backgrounds, share their own caring experiences and insights into dementia.

Memory handbook: a practical guide to living with memory problems, by Alzheimer's Society

A pair of glasses resting on a wooden bench

This is a self-help book for anyone whose memory is not what it was. It has lots of practical ideas and tips about maintaining memory, many of which come from people who have experienced problems with memory themselves.

Published by Alzheimer's Society (2009) rev.ed.
Price: £6.00, free to people with dementia
ISBN: 978 1 906647 049

To order, call Xcalibre on 01753 535751, or email alzheimers@xcalibrefs.co.uk

Find the right care home: a step-by-step companion, by Rosemary Hurtley and Julia Burton Jones

A tree in a green field

Finding the right care home for a relative is a difficult and stressful experience. This book guides you through the entire process and explains clearly how to make the best decisions and choices when choosing a care home for a loved one.

Published by Age Concern Books (2008)
Price: £9.99
ISBN: 978 0 86242 428 2

To order, call 0870 44 22 120, or order online at

Understanding Alzheimer's Disease & other dementias, by Dr Nori Graham & Dr James Warner

A wooden puzzle is just visible on a book cover

Written by experts and endorsed by the British Medical Association, this book is a concise and reliable source of practical information about dementia for people with the condition and their family. It is recommended reading for anyone who has, or may be worried that they have, dementia.

Published by Family Doctor publications (2009)
Price: £4.75
ISBN: 978 1 903474 617

To order, call 01202 668330 or visit http://familydoctor.co.uk/family-doctor-books.html

Telling tales about dementia: Experiences of caring, edited by Lucy Whitman

A man looks down at a smiling women in a green top

This is an anthology of 30 personal accounts collected by former carer Lucy Whitman. While some stories highlight the devastating impact that dementia has on lives, others illustrate the positive effect that sensitive care and support can bring.

Published by Jessica Kingsley (2009)
Price: £11.99 to Society members. Please quote LWDTales when ordering.
ISBN: 9781843109419.

To order, call 020 7833 2307 or visit www.jkp.com