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Dementia awareness revisited

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This half day module is designed to recap dementia awareness training staff may have undertaken previously.

Suitable for all staff groups who are going on to undertake further modules in the Meeting the complex needs programme, this module will refresh basic dementia knowledge. It is not designed as a subsitute for dementia awareness training.

The module will revisit the everyday experience of dementia, providing an overview of what dementia is, its causes and symptoms.

Topics covered

  • What dementia is
  • The unique experience of dementia
  • The importance of effective communication.

This half day module is designed to be commissioned as part of the wider Meeting the complex needs of people with dementia training programme and must be commissioned alongside another half day module to make a full study day.

If you like further information on content and cost please complete our Enquiry Form. Alternatively you can contact Education and Development on 01904 567909 or email dementiatraining@alzheimers.org.uk