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Research publications

Alzheimer's Society is dedicated to communicating dementia research in a clear and accessible way. We produce and contribute to a number of publications, both online and printed.

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The easiest way to keep up with the latest research news is to sign up to receive our monthly electronic newsletter. Delivered to your email address, the newsletter will let you know what's happening within our research programme and in the wider field of dementia research.

Research Newsletter

The Research Newsletter is a more in-depth publication that comes out six times a year. It contains articles on the latest advances in dementia research, news from our research programme and highlights of dementia research covered in the news.

Impact report

The impact report is produced each year as part of the ongoing evaluation of Alzheimer's Society research and the research programme.

The leaflet includes details of publications and research dissemination activity, as well as examples of how our research is building capacity and providing tangible progress within dementia research

Research information leaflets

Alzheimer's Society Research produce information leaflets that may be of interest.

Other Alzheimer's Society publications

The monthly Living With Dementia magazine often features articles on different aspects of dementia research and the ways in which they have an impact on people with dementia and their carers.

Research publications archive

There are some research publications that we no longer produce but past editions are still available to view online:

  • The Annual round-up summarises the year's research achievements and activities. Past editions are available from 2005 to 2012.
  • Alzheimer's Society research E-journal carries in-depth comment and analysis on individual research topics contributed by specialists in the field of dementia research with a shorter version of each article in lay language.

Research newsletter

Download or subscribe to the Research newsletter to keep up to date with dementia research

Impact Report

Read about the impact of Alzheimer's Society research


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