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Your story

Your stories and poems

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Your story is a place for you to share your experiences of living with dementia. Stories can be submitted by anyone who has been affected by dementia, including people with dementia, carers and relatives.

You can submit your story via our online form or email. Or if you would just like to read other people's submissions you can do so below. Older stories can be found in the Your story archive.

Latest stories and poems

Forget me not

Forget me not for I'm still here
Though it seems I'm far away,
Forgot me not for I'm still with you
Each and every day.

Read Barbara's poem

Mum, me and dementia

So much time to think,
And so much time to dwell.
On you my dearest Mother,
Whom I loved so true and well.

Read Marie's poem

Ten things I learned when Dad got Alzheimer's...and how Terry Pratchett changed my life

After reading Soul Music, I was hooked and it was a family affair. My Dad, my brother and I were all massive fans and read all of the Discworld novels religiously. Some Dads would get socks for Christmas, but my Dad always got the latest Discworld.

Read Lizzie's essay



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If you would like to share your experiences of dementia with our supporters, please complete this online form.


Your story archive

Read previous stories and poems that have been published on the Your story page.


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Your story

Personal stories of people affected by dementia. Submissions welcome..

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