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Your story

Your stories and poems

The words Your story written in blue

Your story is a place for you to share your experiences of living with dementia. Stories can be submitted by anyone who has been affected by dementia, including people with dementia, carers and relatives.

You can submit your story via our online form or email. Or if you would just like to read other people's submissions you can do so below. Older stories can be found in the Your story archive.

Latest stories and poems

Poem for mum

My lovely yummy mummy,
'I'm losing my memory' she said.
So off we went to the doctor
And scans were done on her head.

Read Mandi's poem

To Alzheimer's

It's a year now since you took my Dad,
For him there's no tomorrow.
You made sure of that when you came along
with your heartache and your sorrow.

Read Mandy's poem

Lizard Point to Land's End

The trek began with all together,
A noble bunch a bold endeavour.
Skirting the coast from Lizard Point,
Adventure touching every joint.

Read Colin's poem



Share your story

If you would like to share your experiences of dementia with our supporters, please complete this online form.


Your story archive

Read previous stories and poems that have been published on the Your story page.


Dementia and driving


Your story

Personal stories of people affected by dementia. Submissions welcome..

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